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"Not All Welds Are Created Equal"
The “Equalizer or “E-tip” is like nothing the market has seen to this date.  What's different?  USM Developed the CADEN Welding Cell that can change the "bulk density" of the carbide in the weld.  In other words, USM has taken all available carbide used on a particular part and reprioritized the denisty needed for ultimate wear.  With our new CADEN system we can weld to  an accuracy  - part after part, not yet seen in the wear parts industry!  
Carbide Applied Designed 
Edge Network

We are pleased to present the USM Caden Edge!  Our new proprietary welding application process.

For the past 18 years USM has designed built and refined our own automated equipment to apply our Tungsten Carbide weld to our exsisting parts.  
We use our robotic controlled welders to maintain the consistancy you can not achieve by hand.  
This unique process allows USM to place the Tungsten Carbide chips to enhance specific wear points of the part to maximize performance. 
Max LifeTip
For extreme duty grinding we recommend the 
EMX Max-Life Tip. 
This tip is our best bet 
for value.  

Testing results have shown a wear life of 
30% -60% longer wear life than the standard 
Standard Tip
The E-Tip weld pattern is available on any series tip sold at USM to fit most any grinding application  
Welding Technology
Patents Pending 
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