USM manufactures and distributes replaceable wear parts for various makes and models of industrial tub grinders and horizontal feed machines.

For a list of parts available by make/model, please click on the appropriate machine type below:

Sawtooth Hammer, Tips

Tips, Swing Hammers, Rods, Fixed Hammers

1100/1200:Tips, Standard Hammer, Wear Plates, Grates/Screens, Production Plus Hammers, Saddle-Back Tips, Rods

1300:Tips, Standard Hammer, Wear Plates, Grate/Screen, Production Plus Hammers, Saddle-Back Tips, Rods, Gator Wear Plates, Millennium Rotor

1400/1500:Tips, Production Plus Hammers, Saddle-Back Tips, Rods, Wear Plates, Grates/Screens

5600-7400 Wood Hog:Tips

TORO 5000:   Standard Hammer, Tips, 
Boot Hammer, Rods, Production Plus Hammer, 
Grate/Screens, Wear Plates

TORO Other:  Flail Swing Hammer, Club Hammer, Rods, Grates/Screens

CMI/Rexworks:      Bullet Tip, Wear Plates, Single Bolt Tips, Solid Carbide Insert

CBI 4000/4800:       Tips, High Right Striker, Saddle-Back Tip

Hogzilla:Triangle Insert, Grates/Screens, Tips

USM hammers, both swing and fixed exceed the competition in resistance to wear, time and again. Rectangular and bell shaped swing hammers are also available at USM. USM hammers are made from T-1 constructional alloy steel and are flame cut with precision milled holes. All of our high caliber hammers are welded with long wearing tungsten carbide.

USM scientifically developed forged tips are especially compounded from the best wear resistant steel and then heat treated to our specifications. Long wearing tungsten carbide infused hard faced welds are then applied by machine for a uniform placement to specific areas.

USM grates are made from AR 400 abrasion resistant certified steel and are the longest wearing grates in the industry. We put our grates through three quality control inspections before they are shipped to insure the best possible product. USM utilizes CAD design structural webbing and increased radius in cut outs placed in strategic locations for greater durability. We have also added where possible, cradle support coverage for extra protection from excess wear. This process promotes optimum through-put and helps our grates to maintain maximum strength.

What makes a USM wear plate better than the competition?  Extensive testing has shown us the areas of the wear plate which withstand the greatest amount of force.  
We apply our special fine grit hard surface weld, EVERCARB, to these high wear areas of the wear plate.  The result - a longer wearing part.  Our wear plates are available as a two piece set, which also makes them easier to install and handle.

Careful. they're loaded! 
The new USM "Gator Plate" wear plates are receiving rave reviews from our customers. Loaded with over 54 square inches of weld and designed with a unique weld pattern to achieve longer wear and a more consistent shredding effect, these wear plates are unlike anything you've seen!.

USM also carries shafts for hammer mills, bolts, locknuts, washers, 
and bushings. 

U.S. Manufacturing, Inc. is setting the industry standard for the manufacture of replacement grates. Our exceptional grates are made from a certified AR 400 material and are processed by a very unique method called Plasma Arc Cutting.

In Plasma Arc Cutting a column of electrically charged gas creates a high-energy arc, which melts the material in a very narrow path. Plasma Arc Machines utilize cuttings heads, which move at a high rate of speed over a stationary plate or sheet of material. Cutting grates in this way is much faster than oxy-fuel cutting and does not induce as much stress to the material being cut. 

Before the cutting process begins, the water table is raised to cover the material and a continuous flow of water is sprayed directly from the cutting heads to keep the material cool during the process. This process eliminates heat transfer through the material, which in turn makes the material just as strong after the process as it was before the process.
Diamond Z
1048:Single Bolt Tips, Reversible Hammer

1248/1260:Tips, Hammers, Grates/Screens

1460/1463:Tips, Hammers, Saddle-Back Tips, Grates/Screens, Rods

WHO:Tips (single or double bolt), Standard Hammers 
Grates, Swing Hammers, Production Plus Hammers, Rods 
Saddle-Back Tips
Duratech/Haybuster:Swing Hammer, Production Plus Hammer, Tips, Saddle-Back Tips, Grates/Screens, Rods
Precision Husky/Toro
Wear Parts/Product Line
Quality Materials
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Vermeer: Hammers, Tips, Rods, Swing Hammers, 

Bandit:    Hammers, Tips, Rakers, PRODUCTION PLUS HAMMERS 

Biogrind:        Tips, and Grates

FHE:       Swing Hammers, Fixed Hammers, Tips

Jones:     Swing Hammers - Single Hole & Double Hole

Peterson Pacific:Bit Holders - Single/Double Hole, 
Tips - Single/Double Hole, Grates

USM offers superior quality parts at the best possible "everyday" prices to help you stay within your budget.  For years, USM has offered Monthly Specials, passing on an even greater savings to our valued customers.  
Peterson Pacific
Welding Technology
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