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USM Employees Celebrate 
10 Years of Service
Keven Reisinger, John Cole, Paul Gray, Roger Struck, Marc Green, Ray Clark, and Scott Ferkin pictured with USM President Loran Balvanz
USM and Duratech Industries International Inc. Enter 
into Millenium Rotor Agreement 
USM has entered into an agreement with DuraTech Industries International, Inc. (DuraTech) to exclusively license, manufacture, and market Millenium Rotor Assemblies. Located in Jamestown, North Dakota, DuraTech is an industry leading OEM of tub grinders and horizontal feed machines used in the processing of wood waste, yard waste, C & D and most significantly in the production of biomass fuel products.   “USM is thrilled to enter into this agreement with DuraTech” states Loran Balvanz, USM Chairman.  “Our Millenium Rotor has no rods, hammers, and literally no balance problems.  The patented unique design promotes full, even coverage all the way across the rotor”.  Mr. Balvanz goes on to say, “With DuraTech’s focus on the biomass industry, and their ability to manufacture and market our product through the company’s extensive worldwide dealer network, USM Millenium Rotor sales will be taken to a whole new level!”
The USM Millenium Rotor 
can be equipped with as many as 60 tip holders with 6 variations of tip design.  Our rotor and all of our new product lines are aimed directly at our customer base engaged in making fuel products for the energy industries.
USM Introduces CADEN Technology to New Markets

Always improving! Eighteen years ago USM developed a welding process that evolved into one of the toughest “wear” applications offered in the wear parts industry. We are pleased to announce this wear application is now available to the agricultural industry. With the incorporation of our process knowledge into today’s robotic work cell, we are introducing the “CADEN” system. We use our robotic welder cells to maintain the consistency you cannot achieve by hand or by any other automated welding system. The “CADEN” process allows USM to place the Tungsten Carbide to the surface creating a matrix that maximizes the wear application of the part. With the “CADEN” Edge carbide applied to your front row sweeps, you can expect increased wear life of 2-4 times. This is backed by a documented university test and three years of actual field testing.

Welding Technology
Patents Pending