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As you are aware AR Plate and quality High Tensile metal has increased in price drastically.  The Chinese and overseas markets are buying trash metal (recycled metals) 
in record numbers.
This trash metal will eventually find its way back into the steel markets under disguise.  At USM we have stepped up our Quality Control Programs from all suppliers to insure the quality is always quoted and your satisfaction has the backing from sub-vendors.  All our parts and materials are American made!   When someone offers you a price at 50% discount (at everyday low prices) there is a reason.

Noticed Issued 10/2004

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USM Tungsten Carbide Weld Applied to Plow Sweeps and Rippers
USM Express Introduces "CADEN" Edge
Equalizer "E" Tip Line 
Because all tips are not created "equal"
U.S. Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to introduce our new line of replacement tips for use in tub grinders and horizontal feed machines.  The new line appropriately named the “Equalizer or “E-tip” is like nothing the market has seen to this date.  Our engineers and product development team have reengineered our new weld matrix so that it enhances the direct areas of wear.  By strategically manipulating the matrix of the Tungsten carbide weld, the “E-tip” has been proven in most commercial testing to last just as long as a traditional “12 weld” pattern tip – at a significantly lower price.  This makes our new line of “E-tips” the best value on the market today!
Welding Technology
Patents Pending 
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