For over two decades, U.S. Manufacturing, Inc. has developed, designed, manufacturered and distributed innovative equipment for the entire solid waste and recycling industry. USM is widely recognized as the leading manufacturer of the longest lasting and most efficient hammer mill components available for both Original Equipment Manufacturers and after market replacement parts. 

Loran Balvanz, President and CEO of U.S. Manufacturing, founded the largest wood waste processing company in the United States. During this period, Loran recognized the need for an enterprise dedicated to making quality, durable, replacement wear parts. In 1993 U.S. Manufacturing was formed for that sole and dedicated purpose.

Wood Waste Solutions for the 21st Century
"USM tips give me great wear - I'm very happy with their products and service. 

Price savings are excellent!"

-Jeff Marthaller, 
Fiber Recover Services

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To be the most innovative extended wear supplier of grindning and ground engagement tools in the environmental, agricultural and industrial markets worldwide and set new tool "edge" standards.

Our Vision
Welding Technology
Patents Pending 

USM Wear Technologies will team with industry leaders and Master Dealers worldwide to extend the life of wear application in the environmental, agricultural and industrial markets.  This combination of 20 years experience and ingenuity will set new standards for the industry with USM Wear Technologies leading the way to new CADEN EDGE Applications.
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US Manufacturing, Inc.
1707 21st Street
Eldora, IA 50627
Toll Free: 800.800.1812
Fax: 641.939.7539